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Job makes a lot of men insecure

I am not normally a jealous woman, but the fact that a girl who sells golf gear at the local golf, tried to chat my boyfriend up, is really playing on my mind. He has not been very well recently, and I have been looking after him. What really annoys me is that he is making a big deal about it, and does not stop talking about it. Whenever he gets a chance, he brings it up in conversation. The other night, when I had pulled an extra-long shift at Guilford escorts of, he would not shut up about it. In the end, I told him to shut up, or move out and live in the damn golf club house.


My boyfriend is a bit older than me, and not the most secure person. I think that a girl tried to chat him was a bit of turn on for him, and I am sure that he saw it as a bit of a compliment. But it did not make me feel really good about myself. My boyfriend has not had a job for months now, and I am paying for everything. I don't mind, but he should not be sitting there telling me that a girl tried to chat him when I work all the hours I can at Guilford escorts.


Not having a job makes a lot of men insecure, and I guess that applies to my boyfriend as well. When we first started to talk about moving in together, I explained to him that he needed to pay his way, and pull his weight. He seemed to be the sort of guy who would do so, so I did not mind when he moved into my place. At first he was more than happy to pay towards things, but it seemed that he started to sit back on his laurels, when he saw how much I earned at Guilford escorts.


So far, I am still not sure what happened at his place of work, but for some reason he lost his job. I was not happy about that at all, and he did promise me that he would find a new one. He seems to be looking for a new job, but at the same time, I cannot say that he is really actively doing so. He dreams about becoming really good at golf, and buys a lot of golf gear, but I am not seeing any results. Perhaps he buys a lot of golf gear because he likes the lady in the golf club.


The girls at Guilford escorts think that I should sit down and have a serious talk to him about our future. It just feels like I am working my stockings off at Guilford escorts and that he does nothing at all. When I come home from work, the house is often in a mess, and he does not bother with helping out. That annoys me a lot. I have told him several times to get himself sorted out, but I think I will have to put my foot down. I am tired of paying for all of the bills while he spends time at the golf club, and spends his savings on golf gear.

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